Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program

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UST Operator Training

ADEQ currently does not offer no-cost Class A/B Operator Training classes, but is seeking options to provide an Arizona-specific option in the near future.  Until that option is available, UST owners and operators may pay for AZ specific online instruction through petroclassroom or usttraining. You may also obtain non-AZ specific online training through the states of Montana or Tennessee, or through the USEPA. Once ADEQ has a no-cost option available, details will be available on this page.

What are Class A, B and C operators?

The owner or operator of an underground storage tank (UST) system must designate a Class A, B, and one or more Class C individuals to complete operator training.

  • Class A Operators have the primary responsibility of assuring the regulated facility(s) meet compliance and documentation requirements set by law. Each designated Class A operator must either be trained or pass a comparable examination that provides general knowledge of USTs.
  • Class B Operators must either be trained or pass an examination about the regulatory requirements and typical equipment used at UST facilities; or site-specific requirements which address only the regulatory requirements and equipment specific to the facility.
  • Class C Operators must either be trained by a Class A or Class B operator; complete a training program; or pass a comparable examination. The training option chosen must teach or evaluate the Class C operator's knowledge to take appropriate actions (including notifying appropriate authorities) in response to emergencies or alarms caused by spills or releases resulting from the operation of the UST system.

Do owners and operators have to be Class A or B?

Not necessarily, some companies choose to hire a qualified third party to be the designated Class A and/or B. If an owner/operator designate a third party as the Class A or B operator, ADEQ still recommends the owner/operator to take the class.

How often do I need to renew my A/B Operator Certification?

Class A and B operators must be retrained and recertified every 3 years. If the department finds that a storage tank system is significantly out of compliance, the Class A and Class B operator must be retrained and recertified.

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