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March 30, 2009              

PUBLIC NOTICE: Water Quality: Aquifer Protection Permit, Superstition Sunrise RV Resort

Start of public comment period. Comment period ends April 30, 2009.


http://www.azdeq.gov/download/033009pn.pdf <http://www.azdeq.gov/download/033009pn.pdf> 

Draft permit

http://www.azdeq.gov/download/033009permit.pdf <http://www.azdeq.gov/download/033009permit.pdf> 

Fact sheet

http://www.azdeq.gov/download/033009fact.pdf <http://www.azdeq.gov/download/033009fact.pdf> 

Monica Phillips, (602) 771-2253

mailto:mp5@azdeq.gov <mailto:mp5@azdeq.gov> 


March 31, 2009              

PUBLIC NOTICE: Tank Programs: Proposed Leaking UST (LUST) Case Closure - Yuma County, Mobil 18-FWQ, 100 S. 4th Ave., Yuma

Start of public comment period. Comment period ends April 30, 2009.



Nurul Huq, (602) 771-4318



April 1, 2009

PUBLIC NOTICE: Air Quality: Total Resource Recycling, Inc.; Air Quality Control Permit # 47460

Start of public comment period. Comment period ends May 1, 2009


http://www.azdeq.gov/download/040109pn.pdf <http://www.azdeq.gov/download/040109pn.pdf> 

Draft permit

http://www.azdeq.gov/download/040109permit.pdf <http://www.azdeq.gov/download/040109permit.pdf> 

Draft technical support document

http://www.azdeq.gov/download/040109tsd.pdf <http://www.azdeq.gov/download/040109tsd.pdf> 

Trevor Baggiore, (602) 771-2321

mailto:tb4@azdeq.gov <mailto:tb4@azdeq.gov> 


May 10, 2009                

PUBLIC NOTICE: Waste Programs, Hazardous Waste Permits: Draft Post-Closure Permit, Conn-Selmer, Inc.

45-day public comment period ends. Comment period began March, 2009.

Notice (en español)


Fact sheet


Anthony Leverock, (602) 771-4160


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