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This message contains information about the next meeting in Phoenix on
August 26, and web conferencing.


o        Revisions to Parts 1 through 4, reflecting discussions of the
August 11 meeting are attached. In the near future, this document will
also be posted at http://www.azdeq.gov/environ/water/permits/msgp.html


o        August 26 meeting details:

DATE AND TIME:  Wednesday, August 26, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (with a
break for lunch)

LOCATION:  ADEQ, room 3175, 1110 W. Washington St., Phoenix.


*          Discuss Part 5 language and resolve any straggling issues
remaining in (or with) Part 4;


o        Future meeting dates:  September 10 and September 24, in the
same ADEQ conference room as before.


o        Participation by web conferencing at the August 26 MSGP
Stakeholder meeting will be available at these locations:

*          ADEQ's Flagstaff office - Contact Tina Holliman, (928) 779 -
0313 for information.

*          ADEQ's Tucson office - Contact Roxanne Linsley, (520) 628 -
6716 for information.

*          Cochise County Office, Bisbee - Contact Shon Brady, (520) 432
- 9329 for information.

Any further questions regarding web conferencing arrangements should be
directed to David Lelsz, dl2@azdeq.gov <mailto:dl2@azdeq.gov>  .



o              Meeting participants should call 1 - 866 - 751 - 5725 

o              Qwest Conferencing will prompt you to enter a "room
number", which is *5555619*  (you must press the star key [*] both
before and after the 7 digit number) 

o              You're now part of the MSGP stakeholder meeting; please
minimize or eliminate background noise as it will be transmitted to
everyone present at the Phoenix location and on the phone at other
locations. If necessary, use "mute", not "hold" on your phone.




Dennis L. Turner, R.G.
Arizona Department of Environmental Quality
Surface Water Section
1110 W. Washington St. MC 5415 A-1
Phoenix, AZ 85007



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