Primary Drinking Water Regulations – Prohibition on Lead Use


ADEQ proposes amending the drinking water rules prohibiting the use of lead pipes, solder, and flux in Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.) Title 18, Chapter 4, Article 1 (Primary Drinking Water Regulations) to conform to EPA’s final regulation entitled “Use of Lead Free Pipes, Fittings, Fixtures, Solder, and Flux for Drinking Water,” codified at 40 CFR 143.10 - 143.20 (“Lead Free” Rule). These amendments will not add any additional burden to the regulated community in Arizona because it is already subject to the provisions of the Lead Free Rule at the federal level (Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act and 40 CFR 143.10 - 143.20) and state level (A.R.S. § 49-353(B) and (C)). This rulemaking is necessary to protect public health, ensure continued receipt of the full Public Water System Supervision grant allocation, and maintain primacy to regulate drinking water under the Safe Drinking Water Act.