PUBLIC NOTICE | No Further Action Determination for the APS Former Miami Manufactured Gas Plant VRP Site

ADEQ has received a No Further Action (NFA) determination request for soil for the APS Former Miami Manufactured Gas Plant Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) Site (VRP Site Code 501691-00) located near Latham Boulevard and U.S. Highway 60 in the Town of Miami, Arizona. The NFA requests closure for soil and was submitted in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-181.

APS contractors excavated and removed soils impacted by the historical manufactured gas plant operation. The excavated soil has been replaced by clean fill dirt. This method allowed APS to achieve residential soil standards, the highest level of remediation.

A determination of NFA means that no further action shall be taken by ADEQ to remediate or require remediation of the site or portion of the site covered by the no further action determination, except in limited circumstances described in statute | View A.R.S. 49-181(E) >

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