Recycling Toolkit

Recycling at a State Agency | Recycling Toolkit

ADEQ is dedicated to helping other state agencies create or upgrade their current recycling programs to a more comprehensive program. Following are some basic steps, contacts and resources to help you get started. 

Starting a Recycling Program at your Agency

  • Step 1: Talk with your supervisor/facilities management
  • Step 2: Receive approval to start or upgrade your recycling program
  • Step 3: Contact the appropriate vendor – your current waste hauler (see below)
  • Step 4: Arrange a kick-off date
  • Step 5: Educate employees utilizing the provided videos, posters and any signage your waste hauler may provide to your agency
  • Step 6: Periodically audit the recycling to see if people are placing the wrong items in the bins (contamination)


Following is a list of contacts for recycling that may be helpful, based on your current waste hauling contracts.

Republic Services

  • Account Manager | 480-417-6636 | Email >
  • Division Sales Manager | 480-658-5104 | Email >

Waste Management

City of Phoenix (must have trash hauling to add recycling)

  • Zero Waste Coordinator | 602-262-4972 | Email >
  • Solid Waste Environmental Specialist | 602-534-8176 | Email >

Other Resources

Educational Resources (Videos & Posters) | View >
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EPA — Energy Star Portfolio Manager | Learn More > 
EPA — WasteWise | Learn More > 
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