Santa Cruz Watershed

Upper Santa Cruz River Subwatershed

Waterbody ID: AZ15050301-008A, AZ15050301-008B, AZ15050301-009, AZ15050301-011 and AZ15050301-500B
Pollutant(s): E. coli 
Primary Sources: Grazing and livestock, failing septic systems, recreational users, wildlife, stormwater and inputs from Mexico
EPA approved Feb. 6, 2020

Published in the Arizona Administrative Register Aug. 2, 2019
Contact Us: Kyle Palmer | [email protected]

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Parker Canyon Lake   

Waterbody ID: AZL15050301-1040
Pollutant(s): Mercury   
Primary Source: atmospheric deposition

Developing data summary report

Project Completion Date Target: TBD
Contact Us: Susan Fitch [email protected]