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Air Quality Division

Posted Jan. 30, 2020
Environmental Science Specialist I
As an Environmental Scientist Specialist you will conduct environmental data review, investigate data anomalies, and perform pollution source identification for the purpose of identifying, abating, or eliminating sources of pollutants or hazards that affect either the environment or the health of the population | View Details & Apply

Posted Jan. 28, 2020
Environmental Technician 1
The Environmental Technician 1 is responsible for field inspections to monitor emission testing of the state’s centralized test station’s equipment, inspectors and fleet program. We will rely on you to monitor and instruct state station and fleet program personnel on compliance when performing emission testing on light duty, heavy duty, and diesel vehicles | View Details & Apply

Posted Jan. 17, 2020
Unit Manager – Vehicle Emissions Transportation Solution
The Transportation Planner Unit Manager is responsible for Managing Vehicle Emission’s Transportation Solutions Unit staff while ensuring completion of transportation related projects | View Details & Apply >

Posted Jan. 9, 2020 
Environmental Engineering Specialist 2-3
As an Environmental Engineering Specialist, you will serve as the project coordinator to manage research, design, planning, or engineering activities in the support of revisions to Arizona’s State Implementation Plans under the Federal Clean Air Act. The individual in this role engages in developing, planning, leading, executing, and sustaining projects to reduce air quality in Arizona for criteria air pollutants | View Details & Apply >

Water Quality Division

Posted Jan. 30, 2020
Hydrogeologist 2-3
As a member of a creative, motivated and talented team, you will be assisting the Water Quality Groundwater Unit to research the quantity, quality, and availability of groundwater; analyze hydrogeological data and interpret analytical results; and study the fate and transport of environmental pollution in groundwater | View Details & Apply

Posted Jan. 28, 2020
Hydrogeologist 3-4This position is responsible for researching impacts to surface water quality; reviewing and interpreting hydrogeological and water chemistry data; investigating sources of pollution and identifying partners and projects to improve surface water quality | View Details & Apply

Senior Program Manager
The Senior Program Manager is responsible for developing program strategy and goals in accordance with state/federal laws, rules, regulations and the Agency strategic plan; leading subordinate supervisory staff to direct discussion, facilitate problem solving/decision making and dissemination of program information; developing, reviewing, and making adjustments in long-range plans for major program goals; developing and overseeing annual program budgets and forecasts; and tracking program goals | View Details & Apply >

Posted Dec. 24, 2019
Environmental Scientist 2, 3 - Drinking Water Inspector
Drinking Water Inspector is responsible for conducting annual inspections of drinking water facilities throughout Arizona, drafting compliance documentation, responding to customer concerns regarding water quality and conducting water quality sampling and data analysis, active problem solving and strong stakeholder collaboration | View Details & Apply >

Posted Nov. 1, 2019
Legal Analyst
Performs moderately complex legal analysis to assist with the management of the rule-writing process, including writing rules; synthesizing information into effective and concise rules; providing legal guidance on rule language and impact; providing testimony related to rules in development; and assisting with planning the rule-development strategy | View Details & Apply >

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Waste Program Division

Posted Jan. 28, 2020
Environmental Engineering 1-3
As an Environmental Engineering Specialist, you will research, plan, or perform engineering duties in the prevention, control, and remediation of environmental hazards using various engineering disciplines. Work may include landfill permitting, waste treatment, site remediation, pollution control technology, the investigation of complex environmental problems, and interact with customers from a technical perspective | View Details & Apply

Posted Jan. 23, 2020
Regulatory Insurance Lead
The Regulatory Insurance Lead is relied on as the leader for our Financial Responsibility Program by the insurance agents, brokers, attorneys and our insurance staff.  You will spearhead complaint investigations, render regulatory compliance determinations, and respond to appeals processes for our Waste Programs Division | View Details & Apply

Posted Jan. 22, 2020 
Community Information Officer
The Community Information Officer supports and implements the Community Involvement related to Water Quality Assurance Revolving Fund (WQARF) and Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) laws and regulations as they affect community involvement and public participation | View Details & Apply >

Posted Jan. 10, 2020
Environmental Science Specialist 1-3
As an Environmental Science Specialist, you will conduct research or perform investigation for the purpose of identifying, abating, or eliminating sources of pollutants or hazards that affect either the environment or the health of the population. Using knowledge of various scientific disciplines, may collect, synthesize, study, report, and recommend action based on data derived from measurement or observations of air, soil, water, and other sources | View Details & Apply >

Posted Jan. 2, 2020
Program Manager – Hazardous Waste Permits
Our Program Manager for the Hazardous Waste Permits and Support Unit is responsible for managing the operating functions of the unit. This position is responsible for supervising staff including assigning work, setting priorities, monitoring and evaluating performance, developing and providing training to staff | View Details & Apply >

Posted Dec. 23, 2019
Hydrogeologist 3

This position will provide technical oversight to Federal Superfund, Department of Defense (DoD) and munition related projects within the unit | View Details & Apply >

Posted Oct. 30, 2019
Environmental Program Manager
The WQARF Unit Manager serves in a leadership role to support the Waste Division through long-range strategic thinking and displaying sound program and operational judgment. The position is responsible for driving employee performance, staff development, increasing productivity through high employee engagement and strategic program planning | View Details & Apply >

Posted Oct. 25, 2019
Principal Hydrogeologist
Interprets site-specific data to develop the conceptual site model and develop and with the assistance of state contractors execute site characterization work plans to assist in the design of site specific remedial alternatives | View Details & Apply >

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Mission Partners (Operations Support)

Posted Jan. 31, 2020
Senior Procurement Specialist
As our Senior Procurement Specialist, you will provide professional procurement services including, Solicitations, Task Orders, Agreements and Quotes; solicit, evaluate and administer statewide contracts for environmental services; perform vendor sourcing, analyze solicitations and evaluations; you will instruct the team on Procurement rules and how to use the eProcurement System; perform simple audits and summary statements; tabulate costs; respond to protests and perform all work with the highest ethical standards | View Details & Apply

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