How To Join The Flag Program

Step 1: Request flags from ADEQ

Contact the Flag Program Coordinator at ADEQ to start a flag program at your school, community health center, environmental education center, parks and recreation center, fire department or after-school/early-childcare facility. You will receive four flags: green, yellow, orange and red. ADEQ also provides educational materials and training at no cost.

Step 2: Check the daily air quality forecast and fly the corresponding color flag in a visible spot

The daily air quality forecast predicts the AQI color for both ozone and particle pollution | View AQI Guide >
Each morning, assign someone at your school to raise the flag that shows the current day’s AQI color. It is a key for the assigned person to check the air quality forecast in the morning before the flag is raised. ADEQ and local air quality agencies will update the current day’s forecast by noon to a different color if pollution is worse than originally expected. Fly only the flag showing the current day’s forecast. 

Step 3: Educate and inform the school and the community 

Choose a date to begin flying your flags then begin to educate and inform your school and the surrounding community. Some suggestions on when to start are Earth Day (April 22), however, the program is flexible and so easy to adapt that any date will do! Train school personnel about the Air Quality Index and the Flag Program so they can help administer the program and teach the students. Use the online resources that ADEQ provides in the website. You can request help with this training from ADEQ’s Air Quality Flag Program Coordinator.

Make announcements to the school community through newsletters, emails, flyers and other communication routes. You can also notify members of the larger community through a local newspaper, newsletter or radio station.