Waste Programs Division

Septage Haulers

A septage hauler conducts transportation of septage and may require a license with ADEQ. Septage includes sewage or human waste that is removed from septic tanks or other onsite wastewater treatment facilities. These regulations help protect public health and safety by ensuring that these types of waste are managed and disposed of properly.

Licensing Information

The license is for the operation of a vehicle or equipment used to store, collect, transport or dispose of sewage or human waste that is removed from a septic tank or other onsite wastewater treatment facility, privy, sewage vault, or fixed or transportable chemical toilet. It applies to septage hauler vehicles that have a capacity of at least 750 gallons. The vehicle must be equipped with a leak-proof and fly-tight container. This license is not transferable from person to person or vehicle to vehicle, therefore a separate application and fee must be submitted for each vehicle license. The licenses is valid for one year and is renewable with an annual fee payment.

Septage Hauler License Instructions and Application | Download >
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Canceling a Septage Hauler License

Septage Hauler License Cancelation Form | Download >