Waste Programs Division

Hazardous Waste Rulemaking

Adopted by the State of Arizona on Feb. 6, 2019:

Generator Improvements Rule

With this rule, the EPA revises the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act’s (RCRA) hazardous waste generator regulatory program. The revisions include reorganizing the hazardous waste generator regulations to make them more user-friendly and thus improve their usability by the regulated community; providing a better understanding of how the RCRA hazardous waste generator regulatory program works; addressing gaps in the existing regulations to strengthen environmental protection; providing greater flexibility for hazardous waste generators to manage their hazardous waste in a cost-effective and protective manner; and making technical corrections and conforming changes to address inadvertent errors and remove obsolete references to programs that no longer exist.

For more information about the rule, visit the EPA's hazardous waste generator improvements rule page | View Page >

To read the final rule, visit the Federal Register website | View Page >

E-Manifest Rules

The current state at ADEQ for manifesting hazardous waste, includes multiple paper copies of each manifest sent to the hazardous waste unit. Effective June 30, 2018, EPA is establishing a national system for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically. This system, known as “e-Manifest,” will modernize the nation’s cradle-to-grave hazardous waste tracking process while saving valuable time, resources, and dollars for industry and states.

For more information on how this will effect hazardous waste generators, handlers and receivers in Arizona, visit the E-Manifest resource page | View Page >