Clean Power Plan (CPP)

Clean Power Plan (CPP) Replacement


ADEQ held a stakeholder meeting to discuss the Affordable Clean Energy (ACE) rule planning processes.  ADEQ plans on holding additional meetings during the development of Arizona’s state plan.  ADEQ is required by Clean Air Act § 111(d), the ACE Rule, and Arizona Revised Statutes 49-459 to develop a state plan that establishes standards of performance for carbon dioxide emissions from certain fossil fuel fired electric generating units.

November 8 Stakeholder Meeting | View Agenda >

July 8 | Notice of Final Rulemaking

EPA published a Notice of Final Rulemaking promulgating its ACE Rule (see 84 FR 32,520).  In this same rulemaking, EPA also rescinded the Clean Power Plan, and established new regulations for Clean Air Act § 111(d) state plans.


February 26 | ADEQ's Official Comments to EPA | Download >

In an effort to assist stakeholders in developing their own comments and to facilitate discussion on possible statewide concerns, ADEQ hosted a stakeholder meeting regarding the Clean Power Plan replacement:

February 9 Stakeholder Meeting | View Agenda >


December 28 | Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

EPA published an Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seeking information from the public and stakeholders regarding certain components of the Clean Power Plan (see 82 FR 61507). In the notice, EPA requested information and input on the following:

  • The roles and responsibilities of states and federal agencies in developing emission guidelines, control requirements, "best system of emission reduction" (BSER), and related regulations
  • The application of Clean Air Act Section 111(d) to power plants under EPA's new interpretation in its repeal of the previous Clean Power Plan
  • Interactions with the Clean Power Plan and other programs including New Source Review and New Source Performance Standards