UST Financial Responsibility | Overview

Why Is Financial Responsibility Important?

It's Required by Law

State1 and federal2 law requires owners of underground storage tank systems (USTs) to provide evidence of financial responsibility to the proper regulatory agency (ADEQ). This means that an owner and/or an operator must prove they have the financial capacity to cover cost related to cleaning up confirmed spills or leaks.

It Protects UST Owners/Operators

Beyond being required by law, financial responsibility is required in order to benefit from ADEQ programs and protect owners/operators from having to cover the entire costs of spills and leak cleanup themselves. Financial assistance programs for cleanups include:

  • Tank Site Improvement Program (TSIP)
  • Preapproval Program 

If an owner or operator does not meet their Financial Responsibility requirements, these programs are not available to them and they could be at grave financial risk in the event of a spill. Fortunately, ADEQ is here to help you ensure you have sufficient Financial Responsibility coverage for your UST. 

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