PUBLIC NOTICE | Decision to Issue a Significant Amendment to an APP to Central Avenue Landfill in Maricopa County, AZ

Pursuant to Arizona Administrative Code (AAC), Title 18, Chapter 9, Article 1, the Director of the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) intends to issue an amended Aquifer Protection Permit (APP) to CEMEX Construction Materials South LLC for the installation of a groundwater monitoring replacement well and its monitoring requirements at Central Avenue Landfill. 

Facility Location

Central Avenue Landfill
211 W. Watkins Road
Phoenix, AZ 85004


The Central Avenue Landfill is a closed 19.5-acre non-municipal solid waste landfill that operated from 1966 to 1988. The landfill accepted approximately 1.4 million cubic yards of solid waste including construction and demolition debris, sand and gravel, clays and silts, broken concrete, asphalt, bricks, dirt, glass, wood, metal, paper, plastic and cardboard. The landfill stopped accepting waste in 1988, and closure activities were completed in 2001. The elevation of the landfill is approximately 1,085 feet above mean sea level. 

The permit allows the owner/operator of CEMEX Construction Materials South LLC to replace five dry groundwater monitoring wells with three new wells at the Central Avenue Landfill. In addition, the groundwater monitoring frequency may be decreased from semi-annually to annually after two years from the date of permit issuance.                        

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Public Comment Period

Dates: Oct. 30, 2016 – Nov. 29, 2016

All written comments must be signed by the person making the comments and include his/her name and address. 

Comments may be submitted as follows:
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     By Mail (Must be postmarked by Nov. 29, 2016):

       Tracy Neal
       Waste Programs Division
       1110 W. Washington Street
       Phoenix, AZ  85007 

ADEQ will review all written comments. If the Director finds a significant degree of public interest in the proposed modifications, or he finds that a hearing may clarify one or more issues involved in the modification approval, the Director will schedule a public hearing on this matter. 

You may also review the above documentation in person at the ADEQ Record Center | Learn How >