Underground Storage Tanks (UST)

Underground storage tank system illustration

UST Preapproval Program

In 2015, the Arizona legislature enacted HB 2636 and modified the ways the penny-per-gallon UST tax can be used. Among the changes, the bill established a new process to provide financial assistance for corrective action costs that are not being covered by some form of financial assurance.

Under this provision, ADEQ works closely with UST owners, operators and property owners (applicants) to develop a cleanup plan and path to closure for their facility. ADEQ also works closely with customers to develop the application process, focusing on identifying specific phases of required work and developing schedules and budgets for that work.

Applicants will be responsible for hiring, managing and paying their contractors for the work. With their request for reimbursement, applicants must also submit the required documentation for the activities and costs to ADEQ. ADEQ will reimburse for eligible costs and, upon the request of the applicant, provide assistance in pursuit of coverage from their source of financial assurance.

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