As part of this year’s 2014 Winter No Burn campaign, ADEQ conducted a No Burn Day video contest and motivated viewers to create and upload short 15- or 30-second video clips that addressed the importance of air quality and encourages citizens to not burn wood on designated No Burn Days in the Phoenix metro area.

Don’t let our air go up in smoke!


It’s difficult to beat the ambiance of burning wood in a fireplace, chiminea or fire pit during the holiday season with family and friends. But all that smoke creates unhealthy air conditions in the Phoenix metropolitan area.


Maricopa County has higher levels of air pollution caused by wood burning smoke, especially during the winter months. This puts the county at risk of not meeting federal health standards and endangering the health of individuals, especially those with asthma, young children and the elderly.



Piper Sehman
Fountain Hills, Arizona



Stephanie Zlateva
Mountain View, California

Is it a NO BURN DAY?
Don’t let our air go up in smoke! Help protect the health of our residents,
don’t burn wood when it is a No Burn Day.

Here are ways you can help:


Download the Clean Air Mobile App
This app updates you with daily air quality reports for the Phoenix Metro area.


Sign up for e-mail or TEXT Alerts for High Pollution Day Alerts.


Call (602) 506-6400 to hear an automated message advising if it is a no burn day.


Call (602) 771-2367 to listen to a 3-day air quality forecast.


Sign up your local school with ADEQ’s Air Quality Flag Program.

Schools are given colored flags to alert the students and community of current air quality conditions using color coded flags.