Programs: Interactive GIS eMaps

A Geographic Information System or GIS is a computer system that allows you to map, model, and analyze large amounts of data within a single database based on location. ADEQ created a GIS tool to make environmental data and information available to the public.

This tool is used by people, organizations, schools, governments, and businesses seeking information. GIS displays information as a series of layers that can be linked together by a common location element such as a street address or road name, latitude and longitude coordinate, or a zip code. Dozens of map layers can be arranged to show information about transportation networks, schools, vehicle emissions testing sites, air quality, landfills, political jurisdictions and much more.

The eMaps help will give you an overview of how to use eMaps. The eMaps tutorials describe some of eMaps' uses that show what can be done. The tutorials will walk you through GIS and help you find data if you've never used GIS before.

To use the interactive GIS eMaps, please click a topic of interest from the links below. Click the INFO icon to view information specific to that topic.


Air Quality

Waste Programs

Water Quality

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