Procurement Vision Statement

To support ADEQ in its mission to protect the environment and improve the quality of life for the people of Arizona through procurement services that are compliant with procurement regulations and supportive of the policy and administration objectives of the state of Arizona.

As the state of Arizona's lead agency for environmental concerns, ADEQ most often solicits for goods and services that are technically oriented. But like any large state agency, ADEQ also has need for goods and services that help keep our offices running.

Contractors must register their company with ProcureAZ to do business with the state of Arizona. Only registered contractors are assured of receiving solicitation notifications (Requests for Proposals and Invitations for Bid).

Contractors may go to the ProcureAZ web site and register at any time. Once registered, contractors will receive solicitation notifications for the contractor's products and services. Contractors may update their offerings and registration information at any time.

Contractor Outreach Presentation Slides

Review the attached presentation slides from the recent Contractor Outreach held at ADEQ on 11/17/14. Please contact Neeraj Deshpande (602-771-2356), Tinsae Babo (602-771-4516) or Cindy Petrovich (602-771-1936) with any questions. Thank you again for your participation.


RFP Solicitation ADEQ14-00004007 "Arizona Brownfields Response Contract (ABRC)" contracts awarded July 21, 2014.

Contracts for Phase I and Phase II Environmental Assessments (Discipline 1) on properties in support of Arizona’s Brownfields grant process:

  • Contract ADEQ14-076784: Terracon Consultants, Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14-076787: Groundwater & Environmental Services, Inc. (GES)
  • Contract ADEQ14-076785: Cardno ATC

Contracts for Asbestos Surveys and Lead-Based Paint Inspections (Discipline II) on properties in support of Arizona’s Brownfields grant process:

  • Contract ADEQ14-076785: Cardno ATC
  • Contract ADEQ14-076784: Terracon Consultants, Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14-076786: AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.

RFP Solicitation ADEQ14-00003958 "Arizona Superfund Response Action Contract (ASRAC)" contracts awarded July 31, 2014.

Contracts for Assessment and Characterization (soil; Vadose Zone; Groundwater and Surface Water) A/C & M (Groundwater Monitoring and Sampling) (Discipline 1):

  • Contract ADEQ14-077530: Hargis & Associates, Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14-077535: HydroGeoLogic, Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14- 077529: Arcadis US, Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14-077532: Pinyon Environmental,Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14-077531: Errol L. Montgomery & Associates
  • Contract ADEQ14-077537: Hydro Geo Chem, Inc.

Contracts for Risk Assessment (RA) (Preparation and Third Party Review) (Discipline II):

  • Contract ADEQ14-077530: Hargis & Associates, Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14-077529: Arcadis US, Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14-077533: Geosyntec Consultants

Contracts for Engineering Design, Implementation and Operations and Maintenance (soil and Groundwater Remediation Systems) (E) (Discipline III)

  • Contract ADEQ14-077533: Geosyntec Consultants
  • Contract ADEQ14-077534: URS Corporation
  • Contract ADEQ14-077536: AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14-077530: Hargis & Associates, Inc.
  • Contract ADEQ14-077538: Matrix Design Group Inc.

RFP Solicitation ADEQ14-00004017 "Yuma Nonattainment Emissions Inventory"contract awarded August 18, 2014.

Contract for creation of a PM10 emission inventory for the Yuma, Arizona nonattainment area.

  • Contract ADEQ14-078927: SC&A, Inc.

Steps to View Contracts on ProcureAZ:
Click on “Contract & Bid Search”
Click on “Search For:” “Contracts/Blankets”
Type in the “Contract/Blanket#” [i.e. “ADEQ14-076784”] and Click “Find It”
Or Type in part of the “Contract/Blanket Description” [i.e. ABRC] and Click “Find It”
Scroll down to bottom of screen
Click on Contract/Blankets # hyperlink in Results Area at bottom of screen
Screen will refresh showing Contract Summary and all Attachments.

Steps to View Bidder’s List on ProcureAZ:
Click on “Contract & Bid Search”
Click on “Bids”
Type in the “Bid# field”: [i.e. “ADEQ14-00004007”] and Click “Find It”
Click on Bid# hyperlink in Results Area at bottom of screen
Scroll down to bottom of screen
Click on “Bid Tab”
Screen will populate showing “Bid Tabulation for Bid #”
Click on each “Quote #” Hyperlink to view individual Bids
Click on “Summary” Header Tab to view overall Bid Attachments and Details


Chief Procurement Officer Teena Ziegler, CPPO, CPPB(602) 771-5198
Senior Procurement Specialist Karen Berry(602) 771-4776
Senior Procurement Specialist Susan Holt, CPPO, CPPB, C.P.M., M.B.A., M.A. (602) 771-4256
Senior Procurement Specialist Ana Machiche(602) 771-4140
Senior Procurement Specialist Daniel D. Pinkstaff(602) 771-4730
Procurement Specialist Jeremiah Weiner, MBA(602) 771-4779

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How We Purchase

ADEQ purchases what it needs in two ways. For ordinary goods and services, ADEQ uses vendors that have been awarded state contracts from the Arizona State Procurement Office (SPO) . For more specialized goods and services that are not provided for by state contracts, ADEQ handles its own procurement.

When ADEQ performs procurements over $100,000, we use the SPO bidder's list. Contractors do not have to register with SPO to do business with ADEQ, but contractors are more likely to hear of opportunities by registering with SPO. Registration is easy and free. To obtain a registration form, please contact the Arizona State Procurement Office - (602) 542-5511.

Procurements between $10,000 and $100,000 are made through small businesses when practicable. "A small business is one that, including its affiliates, is independently owned and operated, is not dominant in the type of business it conducts, and which employs fewer than 100 full time employees or which has gross receipts of less than $4 million in its last fiscal year."

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What We Purchase

The following is a sample list of goods and services often solicited for by the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. This list is a representative sample and provided only for informational purposes.

Sample services
Printing services/NCR forms/newsletters/brochuresOzone monitoring
Specialty advertising services/award pins/buttonsVisibility monitoring
Graphic arts/layoutsJanitorial services
Emergency response air charter servicesMail processing services
Nephelometer sampling and report servicesLaboratory services
Environmental consultant servicesDust control services
Asbestos determination analysesMoving services
Maintenance and operation of PM10 samplersFraming/awards/engraving
Equipment rentalProcess servers
Film processingStorage

Sample goods
Compression and working/waiver lane gasesWater filters
Portable mass/volume flow calibration kitsGPS sensors
Altimeters/barometers/thermometersHardware supplies
Portable incubatorsMaps
Ozone scrubbersIce
pH metersSpecialty batteries
MultiprobesPortable field generators
Ultraviolet photometric ozone analyzersLaboratory equipment
NephelometersWork shoes/boots

All large solicitations over $50,000 are automatically sent to businesses on the state of Arizona's bidders list by the category of the goods or services being solicited, excluding emergencies or other special or unique procurements. To obtain a registration form, please contact the Arizona State Procurement Office - (602) 542-5511.

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Notices of Intent and Solicitations

The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality solicits offers from qualified parties to provide goods or services.


None at this time.

Notice of Intent Announcements

None at this time.

ProcureAZ Solicitations

The following Solicitations are being conducted and are available only through the State Procurement Office eProcurement System, ProcureAZ.

Notices regarding these Solicitations will be issued through ProcureAZ to all registered suppliers/contractors with respective commodity code for Solicitations therein. Interested parties that wish to automatically receive updates regarding Solicitations must register with ProcureAZ, with respective commodity code for Solicitations. Contractors/Suppliers are responsible for making sure that their ProcureAZ profile includes current contact information so as to receive any ProcureAZ notices. If contractors/suppliers should require any assistance with updating profile or use of ProcureAZ, please do not hesitate in contacting the ProcureAZ Help Desk for assistance.

ProcureAZ Help Desk

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