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Final Administrative Documents

The Final Administrative Documents is an indexed, keyword searchable database of all the final administrative documents issued by ADEQ from 1996 to 2001. These documents include:

  • Final Decisions and Orders issued by ADEQ as a result of a hearing on an appealable agency action
  • Consent Orders entered between ADEQ and a responsible party resolving non-compliance
  • Compliance (or Abatement) Orders issued by ADEQ for violations of the state's environmental laws; and
  • License Revocations and License Suspensions.

Please follow the instructions to:

A CD Rom version of the Final Administration Documents may be purchased from ADEQ's Phoenix office or by calling ADEQ at (602) 771-2300.

Compliance and Enforcement Handbook

The ADEQ Compliance and Enforcement Handbook is a consolidation of existing compliance and enforcement policies, procedures, and guidelines used by ADEQ when initiating and escalating enforcement. The handbook contains the boilerplates used by ADEQ when evaluating compliance and taking enforcement, describing when and how to use them.

ADEQ continuously reviews the handbook and makes any appropriate changes on a quarterly basis. The full Compliance and Enforcement Handbook is the most up-to-date version. A summary of the changes and a supplement with the actual changes is available for use in updating the previous version of the handbook.

Complete, double-sided copies of the handbook, summaries and supplements may be purchased from ADEQ's Phoenix office or by calling ADEQ at (602) 771-2300.

Air Quality

Submitted State Implementation Plans (SIP)

Other Program Reports and Documents

Pollutant Forecast Reporting