Formerly Used Defense Sites

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2008: Eleven MMRP munitions SIs were completed this year including Laguna Maneuver Area #7, Williams Bomb Target Practice Ranges #2, 5, 7, 12, 13, 14, and 22, Luke Auxiliary Field #3 in Surprise, Whipple Barracks Target Range, and Camp Bouse. SIs were begun for the Kofa NWR and Willcox Dry Lake Bed parcels.

2009: SIs were started at the following sites: Yuma Test Branch; Task Force Furnace; Palo Alto Precision Bomb Target Ranges #4, 5, and 6; and Kingman Ground to Ground Gunnery Range. The Kingman Dross site completed the investigation report for the asphalt repair and geophysical survey.

2010: An RI involving technology demonstrations began with a kick off meeting and site tours in November for former Williams Practice Bomb Target Ranges #4, 9, 10 and 12.

Several munitions SIs at former military training areas were completed by the USACE.  SIs involve information gathering, a site visit and limited sampling for munitions constituents. The goal of the SI is to gather updated site information, score the sites for prioritization and recommend further investigation in the form of an RI or recommend no further action.


  • Camp Hyder- SI completed.
  • Kofa National Wildlife Refuge Areas #1, 4- SI completed.
  • Yuma Test Branch- SI completed.
  • Muggins Mountain- SI completed.
  • Laguna Maneuver Areas #1, 4, and 8 to 11- SI completed.

2011: Status:

  • The former Kingman Army Airfield Small Arms Range- SI completed.
  • Kingman Air to Air Gunnery Range- SI completed.
  • Kingman Ground to Ground Gunnery Range- SI completed.
  • Ajo Army Airfield- SI completed.
  • Coolidge Army Airfield- SI completed.
  • Dateland Auxiliary Field- SI completed.
  • Douglas Army Airfield- SI completed.
  • Flagstaff Target Range- SI completed.
  • Hereford Army Airfield- SI completed.
  • Luke Range "D" (former moving base and skeet ranges, near Yuma)- SI completed.
  • Mohave Maneuver Area "C"- SI completed.
  • Welton Gunnery Range- SI completed.
  • Wilmot Target Range- SI completed.
  • Yucca Air to Air Gunnery Range- SI completed.
  • Yucca Auxiliary Operating Base - SI completed.

Clean up of the target centers at Williams Bomb Target Ranges #4, 9, 10 and 12 were completed for WWII practice bomb debris. USACE completed a technology demonstration on the four practice bomb targets using a surf rake, rock picker, magnetic removal device, and by hand. No indication were determined that high explosives were ever used on these sites. The scrap metal was certified and sent for recycling.

2012: Kick off meetings were held for the Kofa NWR RI and wide area array assessment, Fort Huachuca FUDS site and technical project planning meetings for Kingman Skeet Range project.

2013: Work began at the Kingman Gunnery Range Skeet Range.  A public meeting was held on Feb. 5 and the first round of remediation was conducted between Feb. and May.  Removal of two- feet of soil was completed for eight residential properties contaminated with Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) from skeet.  Phase 2 will begin in Oct. and will include soil removal at approximately 46 properties. A public meeting was held on Aug. 20.

Fort Huachuca held a public meeting on Sept. 4 to complete a RI at the property located on a former training range on BLM land, west of the San Pedro river, and near the Charleston City ruins.

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge completed initial Wide Area Assessment (WAA) activities for munitions. The WAA preliminary findings were presented during a July Technical Project Planning (TPP) meeting and identified areas of interest.  TPP meeting discussion included conceptual RI field activity objectives in consideration of wilderness area limitations and wildlife refuge sensitive-species concerns. RI scope of work detail and coordination discussions will continue into 2014.

Also, during 2013 USACE completed a five-year review for the Williams Bomb Target #6 surface clearance and completed a report for the WBTR #4, 9, 10 and 12 RI and removal action.

2014 - 2020: For WBTR #6, ADEQ met with the US Army Corps of Engineers for a Project Planning Meeting in September 2013 to discuss the five-year review report. The Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol scoring sheets were updated for the site in early 2014. For WBTR #4, 9, 10 and 12, the USACE determined that no further remedial action is needed.

A Time Critical Response Action (TCRA) was completed for 55 parcels associated with the Kingman Gunnery Range and the RI work continued at the site.

2020: USACE submitted draft reports for two active FUDS, the RI/FS for Sahuarita Air Force Range in April and the RI for Kingman Gunnery Range in December.

2021: USACE and ADEQ continue to partner to address site concerns and work on finalizing draft documents.