Water Quality Division: Standards

Surface water quality standards are one of the cornerstones of the Clean Water Act. These standards define the water quality goals for Arizona streams and lakes. The standards also provide the basis for a water quality-based approach to controlling discharges of pollutants to surface waters.

Triennial Review of Surface Water Quality Standards

ADEQ's revised its surface water quality standards, effective January 31, 2009. The Notice of Final Rulemaking was published in the Arizona Administrative Register on December 26, 2008. The Secretary of State has not yet posted the official rule, so ADEQ is providing an Unofficial Copy of the 2009 Surface Water Quality Standards (18 A.A.C., Chap 11, Art. 1).

Draft Implementation Procedures Documents

ADEQ has written four draft documents which provide background information on how the antidegradation, narrative bottom deposits, narrative nutrient standard for lakes and reservoirs, and the biocriteria rules were developed, their rationale, and how each is implemented through ADEQ water quality management programs: