Water Quality Division: Monitoring and Assessment: Surface Water Monitoring: Fixed Station Network

The Fixed Station Network (FSN) is ADEQ's core stream monitoring program. The primary purpose of the FSN monitoring program is to obtain data to characterize baseline water quality conditions of wadeable, perennial streams and to determine long-term water quality trends.

Currently, there are 28 monitoring sites that make up the Fixed Station Network (FSN). ADEQ staff monitor water quality at each site four times a year. They collect data on the physical characteristics, bacteria levels, and general water chemistry of the stream. They also perform an annual bioassessment and habitat assessment at each FSN site in the spring to assess the health of the biological community at each site.

Surface water quality data obtained at each FSN site is stored in ADEQ's Surface Water Quality Database and is available upon request.

The 28 FSN monitoring sites and their site codes are:

  1. Big Sandy River above the Highway 93 Bridge (BW BSR 024.50)
  2. Santa Maria River below the Highway 93 Bridge (BW SMR 013.57)
  3. Burro Creek at Six Mile Crossing (BW BRO 11.53)
  4. Trout Creek near Wikieup (BW TRT 001.77)
  5. San Francisco River above Luna Lake near Alpine, AZ (UG SFR 059.98)
  6. San Francisco River above Clifton, AZ (UG SFR 011.29)
  7. San Francisco River below Clifton, AZ. (UG SFR 003.04)
  8. Blue River at the Juan Miller Road Crossing (UG BLR 005.68)
  9. Gila River near Duncan, AZ (UG GLR 205.35)
  10. Gila River at the Old Safford Bridge (UG GLR 197.26)
  11. Gila River near Dome, AZ (LG GLR 005.76)
  12. Nogales Wash at the Morley Avenue Tunnel in Nogales, AZ (SC NGW 004.23)
  13. San Pedro River at Palominas (SP SPR 113.55)
  14. San Pedro River at Cascabel (SP SPR 046.96)
  15. San Pedro River near Dudleyville (SP SPR 003.74)
  16. Hassayampa River below Milk Creek near Wagoner, AZ (MG HSR 063.02)
  17. Hassayampa River at Box Canyon near Wickenburg, AZ (MG HSR 049.89)
  18. Pinto Creek above the Henderson Ranch ford (SR PNT 007.13)
  19. Pinal Creek at Inspiration Dam (SR PNL 003.30)
  20. Tonto Creek above Gun Creek (SR TON 015.88)
  21. Tonto Creek below the confluence with Christopher Creek (SR TON 038.81)
  22. East Verde River at the Highway 87 bridge (VR EVR 012.28)
  23. Verde River at Beasely Flat (VR VER 064.68)
  24. Verde River at the Perkinsville Bridge (VR VER 095.65)
  25. Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing (VR OAK 011.44)
  26. Little Colorado River at Woodruff, AZ (LC LCR 120.11)
  27. Little Colorado River below Springerville, AZ (LC LCR 172.60)
  28. W. Fork of the Little Colorado River at Government Springs near Greer, AZ (LC WLR 000.78)