Waste Programs Division: Underground Storage Tanks: State Assurance Fund

The State Assurance Fund (SAF), assists eligible Underground Storage Tank (UST) owners, operators and others in meeting the potentially high costs of leaking UST investigations and cleanups.

The SAF is actually the Assurance Account of the UST Revolving Fund. The Assurance Account was established by the Arizona Legislature and has been providing financial assistance to eligible persons since 1993.

Senate Bill 1306 (46th Legislature; 2nd Regular Session; Chapter 273; 2004) provided for termination of eligibility to the SAF after June 30, 2010. Consequently, any application made or expense incurred by an owner or operator for UST corrective action after June 30, 2010 is not eligible for coverage from the SAF.

Related Statues and Rules

State statutes and rules for the State Assurance Fund may be found at:


Technical Bulletins

ADEQ issues technical bulletins periodically to inform the public of issues related to Underground Storage Tanks (UST), Leaking Underground Storage Tanks (LUST), and the State Assurance Fund (SAF). New guidance, policies, announcements and other important information may be presented in a bulletin.

Technical bulletins are for informational purposes only. When a technical bulletin is specific to a UST program policy, ADEQ reserves the right to deviate from the bulletin should site-specific information indicate a reasonable need to do so.

Technical Bulletin No. Technical Bulletin
TB 11-01 Recommendations for New UST Owners and Operators
TB 07-03 Periodic Reporting of Corrective Action Information
TB 07-02 Re-sampling Soil and Groundwater
TB 07-01 Senate Bill 1310 Provisions Impacting SAF Claimants
TB 06-02 Federal Legislation
TB 06-01 UST Releases and Suspected Releases
TB 04-13 Senate Bill 1306 Provisions Impacting Volunteers
TB 04-11 Final UST Policy Commission Groundwater Study Guidance Language
TB 04-10 Aboveground Storage Tanks (ASTs)
TB 04-08 Monitored Natural Attenuation (MNA) Draft pending approval by the ADEQ Policy Review Committee
TB 04-07 Common UST Technical Report Deficiencies
TB 04-06 Water Level Measurements and Ground Water Sampling Guidance Implementation Plan
TB 04-05 Water Level Measurements and Ground Water Sampling Guidance

SAF Archived Bulletins

Bulletin No.
Technical Bulletin
TB 04-12 State Assurance Fund Re-Evaluation Request Form and Certification
TB 04-04 Letter of agreement on interpretation of A.R.S. § 49-1005(D)(3)
TB 04-03 Determining Applicable Cost Ceiling
TB 03-02 SAF Insurance Disclosure
TB 03-01 SAF Contract Form

Topic Requests

You may submit a request to have a topic addressed in a UST Bulletin.

  • Use the UST or SAF Bulletin Topic Request form (doc) or rtf format to submit your request to the UST Policy Commission Technical Subcommittee.
  • The Technical Subcommittee will review the request and make a recommendation to the UST Policy Commission to accept or deny it.
  • The UST Policy Commission votes on the recommendation(s) made by the Technical Subcommittee.
  • The UST Policy Commission has at least 30 days to review and make written recommendations to the ADEQ director before the department's adoption of substantive policies or guidelines of the program that affect the substantive rights of owners and operators or other regulated parties. The director shall consider the written recommendations of the commission before implementing the policies or guidelines (A.R.S § 49-1092.D.3).
  • The UST Policy Commission submits a request to the ADEQ director for final approval for posting a UST Bulletin.