Waste Programs Division: Solid Waste Management: Recycle Your Old TV

Digital-only TV broadcasting began June 12, 2009

photo of old tvThe switch from analog to digital broadcast television is referred to as the digital TV (DTV) transition. Congress mandated that June 11, 2009 would be the last day for full-power television stations to broadcast in analog. Here are some things you can do with your analog television:

  • Your television will still be able to play videos from your DVD player or VCR, and
  • You can still play video games on your television, or
  • If you are connected to cable or satellite for your television signal, you should still get television signals without interruption.

If you decide it is time to get a new television don't just throw your old one out. There are plenty of recycling places around the state. Visit Earth 911 , plug in your zip code and get up-to-the-minute locations for electronic drop off sites near you.