Waste Programs Division: Solid Waste Management: Used Oil

In 1990, Arizona promulgated laws for managing used oil under Arizona Revised Statutes § 49-801 et. al. These laws include both regulatory provisions and enforcement provisions for managing used oil. In 1997, the regulatory provisions were replaced when Arizona adopted, by reference, the federal regulations for managing used oil, under 40 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 279 (40 CFR 279). As a result, Arizona's used oil program now consists of the regulatory provisions contained in 40 CFR 279, and additional regulatory provisions that were deemed appropriate for Arizona, and the enforcement provisions.

To learn more about Arizona's used oil program, choose from the topics below. These topics are offered only to provide general background information about Arizona's used oil program, and are not a legal interpretation of the law. For more complete information about used oil management, or the enforcement provisions, refer to the state statutes and the federal regulations, referenced above.

Overview of Arizona's Used Oil Program: