Waste Programs Division: Hazardous Waste Management: Permits

Facilities that treat, store, or dispose of hazardous waste are known as Hazardous Waste TSDF's.

A hazardous waste permit is required for any facility that accepts hazardous waste from off-site for the purpose of storage, treatment, or disposal.

A hazardous waste permit is not required for generators who store their hazardous waste for less than specified time periods, or for generators who treat their waste in on-site tanks for less than these specified time periods.

For large quantity generators, the allowed storage period is usually 90 days without a permit; for small quantity generators, this time period is usually 180 days. Some hazardous waste generators may require a hazardous waste permit for certain types of treatment operations.

U.S. EPA Identification Number

Hazardous waste generators, transporters, and TSDF's must obtain a U.S. EPA Identification Number using the following form:

File Review

To review a Hazardous Waste Permits file, please contact ADEQ's Records Center to make an appointment.

Hazardous Waste TSDFs in Arizona

Permit Applications