Waste Programs Division: Hazardous Waste Management

ADEQ is greatly concerned with the health and safety issues involving hazardous waste management in Arizona. Under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and state statutes and codes that are modeled on the federal law, the department has the authority to monitor and direct businesses that may generate, transport or dispose of hazardous waste in Arizona.

The Waste Programs Division implements state and federal hazardous waste laws pursuant to delegation from the U.S. EPA. The division is responsible for effectively implementing standards for the safe generation, management, treatment, storage and disposal of hazardous waste. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Conducting compliance and complaint inspections to ensure that hazardous wastes are safely managed and properly recycled;
  • Permitting facilities that treat, store or dispose of hazardous waste;
  • Education and outreach for facilities and general public;
  • Managing ADEQ's pollution prevention (P2) program and other activities aimed at eliminating or reducing the use of toxic substances and the generation of hazardous wastes;
  • Tracking manifests and annual reports and issuing facility identification numbers.

At this time the State of Arizona has not adopted the new Definition of Solid Waste rule found in 40 CFR Section 260.42. As such the addendum to the Site Identification Form will not be applicable to Hazardous Waste Facility Annual Reports being submitted to the State of Arizona.

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