Waste Programs Division: Cleanups

Various sections and units within the Waste Programs Division are involved in coordinating and overseeing contaminated soil and groundwater investigations and cleanups. They include the Superfund Programs, Hazardous Waste and Leaking Underground Storage Tank sections, and the Emergency Response Unit, as well as risk and site assessment functions of the Capacity Development Section.

In addition to these remedial activities, the Waste Programs Division provides a means for property owners, prospective purchasers and other interested parties to conduct their own investigations or cleanups with expedited ADEQ oversight. The division administers brownfields assistance that includes an EPA grant program for environmental site assessments, an EPA-funded revolving fund loan to aid cleanup of contaminated properties and certification of eligibility for the federal brownfields tax incentive.

To request a complete list of all VRP/Brownfields Grant Sites, please contact Gwenn Ziegler.

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