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Automobile dealers are required to have vehicles inspected

Used vehicles, delivered by an Arizona automobile dealer located inside the emissions control areas of metro Phoenix (Area A) or Tucson (Area B) are required to pass an emissions inspection, prior to delivery to the purchaser, unless the vehicle is otherwise exempt. The dealer is responsible for the cost of the emissions inspection and any repairs necessary to pass the inspection. Arizona automobile dealers located outside of the emissions control areas are also responsible for the cost of the emissions inspection and any repairs necessary to pass the inspection, if the purchaser resides inside an emissions control area. However, the dealer is not required to have the inspection performed prior to delivering the vehicle to the purchaser.

If the auto dealer has obtained a fleet vehicle inspection permit from ADEQ the dealer may perform the required emissions inspections. The permit allows a dealer to self-inspect vehicles held in inventory for resale. This inspection is not as comprehensive as an IM 147 inspection performed at an official state inspection station in Phoenix, therefore the dealer may be required to disclose this fact and offer the purchaser the option of having an IM 147 inspection performed at a state station.

If you reside in metro Phoenix and have purchased a used vehicle from a dealer and the dealer has given you an IM 147 disclosure, it is important for you to have the inspection performed. Although the inspection performed by the dealer is a comprehensive emissions inspection, it is not the same as the inspection performed at an official state inspection station. The differences between the two inspections can allow a vehicle to pass one inspection and fail the other. The inspection performed by the dealer consists of a visual inspection of the air injection system, positive crankcase ventilation system, evaporative emissions system, catalytic converter and gas cap, maximum allowable measurements of hydrocarbon, and carbon monoxide exhaust emissions at idle and 2,500 RPM.

During IM 147 inspection, a functional test of the evaporative emissions system and gas cap is performed. Hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen exhaust emissions are also measured during the inspection. During the inspection the vehicle is driven on a dynamometer. This simulates driving the vehicle while keeping it stationary.

Vehicles purchased that won't pass inspection

ADEQ enforces Arizona's vehicle emissions inspection laws (to view the laws, go to Arizona Revised Statutes and scroll to Chapter 3, Article 5). We investigate complaints involving the retail sale and delivery of noncompliance vehicles by dealers whose place of business is located within the emission control area.

If you believe the vehicle you purchased from a dealer has not passed an emissions and tampering inspection prior to delivery, please contact us to request a complaint form. When you receive the complaint form, complete it accurately and in sufficient detail to be fully understandable. If we cannot clearly understand your complaint, it will be more difficult for us to help you, so please organize your information so that details are clearly stated. A copy of the sales contract/agreement must be provided. Additionally, copies of all documentation supporting your complaint; i.e., title reassignments, title, vehicle inspection report, repair estimates, or receipts, should be provided.

Mail or deliver your complaint to:

Vehicle Emissions
Inspection and Compliance Unit
1110 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, Arizona 85007
Vehicle Emissions, Southern Regional Office
Inspection and Compliance Unit
4040 East 29th Street
Tucson, Arizona 85711