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 Arizona Children's Environmental Health Program

One of the most important things we can do to protect our children's future is make sure they grow up in a healthy natural environment. Because children are especially vulnerable to the unhealthy effects of pollution, the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality has initiated the Children's Environmental Health Project to integrate children's health concerns into our state's environmental protection efforts.

The Children's Environmental Health Program is an agency-wide effort to identify and help remediate those pollutants that put children most at risk. The following list provides information on pollution-specific issues that families, teachers, day care providers and other concerned individuals should be aware of and help take appropriate action to safeguard their children and provide them with a healthy safe environment.

The art pieces found on our Web site were created by children living in the Arizona-Sonora border region and were selected from various editions of the binational clean air calendar.

ADEQ Policy for Plan Permit Reviews for Facilities Impacting Learning Sites

ADEQ has established a policy that requires a review of potential environmental health impacts of any permit requests from proposed new construction or significant expansion of facilities if that construction could negatively impact the health of children in nearby schools. This requirement applies to learning centers within different radiuses of the proposed construction site depending whether the permit is for an air, water or waste permit, This requirement also applies if the facility generates vehicles transporting materials to or from the site. This Plan Permitting Review Process for learning sites is to ensure that schools are adequately protected from emissions or a release of hazardous materials from new facilities. The policy outlines these requirements in detail.

ADEQ is implementing a four-step "C.A.R.E. strategy" to address environmental health risks to Arizona children. Through Coordination, Assessment, Reduction and Education, ADEQ and its many partners are charting a course toward a cleaner, safer, healthier environment for our children.

October is Children's Environmental Health month. View the October 2013 CEH calendar to see what you can do to promote children's environmental health in Arizona this month.

Coordinate the many interests involved with children's environmental health issues.
Assess and prioritize the environmental health factors affecting Arizona children.
Reduce the number and types of contaminants adversely affecting Arizona's children.
Educate citizens about environmental hazards and how to reduce children's exposure.

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